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Universal Violins Inc

* Foundation: Universal Kraemer has been the source of quality stringed instruments since 2002. Universal Kraemer is a string instrument wholesale & distributing company based in Los Angeles, CA. It was established in 2002 by Danny Oh & Jonah Owen Lee as sub branch of Universal Musical Instrument Co., LTD (South Korea). Danny & Jonah started their passion to supply good sounding instruments to each shop meeting their budget and expectation from 2002. They stopped by door to doors throughout upper U.S continent, and attended to numerous trade shows to see the dealers in person and listen to their hardship, advice, and detailed voices to support them. In year 2011, Danny & Jonah’s passion for violin making started with the name of “Owens & Parkley Violin”. The Owens & Parkley Violins are made with North American & Canadian, and fine European tonewoods and with plate tuning technology applied with traditional old Italian violin making methods. Universal Kraemer Violins has always been reliable, trustworthy and friendly stringed instrument supplier like Danny & Jonah have been together all the time. This year, Universal Violins will focus to establish strong customer relationship, and brand value to give our dealers more margin, put a lot of effort to advertise to Youtube, Amazon to support our dealers our instrument  with our brand names. We are looking forward to earning business with you shortly.

* Quality Control: Universal Kraemer commits to bring you the quality products by combining top quality woods with our skillful workmanship. We guarantee you will enjoy the quality of our instruments. At our Owens & Parkley workshop, our master violin makers thoroughly inspects the instruments before delivery. Our purchasers are continuously looking for great instruments throughout the world to provide best quality instruments to our dealers.

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